Beam-splitter Microscope

Base Model is $3,500

Call for individual accessory pricing and quantity discounts.

Items offered in the base kit

  • Beam Splitting Microscope
  • 10X Objective
  • Wide Field Eyepiece with Reticle
  • Fiber Light, Chromatic Filter, Pinhole Adapter
  • Pelican Carrying Case

Product Description

The beamsplitting microscope (BSM) is a very useful and versatile tool in the optical laboratory environment and on the production floor. The beam splitting microscope has a 90°cube beam splitter to divide the optical path from an object into two optical paths which are parfocal to within 5 microns.

The BSM lends itself as an alignment tool by using one of the optical paths as an illuminator and the other for observation with either an eyepiece or camera. Both of these arms are baffled to eliminate ghost images from the cube beam splitter so the observation paths can be used interchangeably. The object path side is RMS threaded to fit most DIN microscope objectives (160mm tube length). The other two paths are designed to fit most eyepieces with a 23.2mm outside diameter.

RCI also offers an accessory which allows the user to mount a pinhole centered on the optical axis. In this same piece you can install a chromatic filter and fiber bundle for illumination. A clamp, when released, allows the BSM body to rotate about its optical axis to put the eyepiece into a more comfortable position for the observer. A rack and pinion track allows for axial focus motion of the BSM, and the base plate can be attached to micrometer stages to allow finer motions. We also offer a camera that can replace the eyepiece and be used for data capture, and image analysis.